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Real Polish Bread Made The Real Polish Way  
As a family run business we care about bread.
Our passion for authenticity, the finest ingredients, and the highest
standards means we bring you the best Polish bread you have ever tasted.
Our products are hand made freshly everyday using traditional Polish recipes and only the finest authentic ingredients, many still sourced direct from Poland.
The Polish Bakery products are now recognised all over the UK.
About us
After winning awards for our bread in Warsaw, we wanted to bring the real taste of Polish Bread to Britain, so we started The Polish Bakery, the original Polish bakery here. Using our Award winning skills we set out to make the same bread that was so successful in Poland here in Britain. We quickly realised that to be truly authentic we even had to use ingredients imported directly from Poland, and we still do to this day.
Our family still own and run the Polish Bakery. And we are proud of the fact that you can now enjoy real Polish Bread, Made the real Polish Way, in Britain
Some Facts  
We established The Polish Bakery Ltd in 2003. The first polish bakery in the UK.
The bakery is run by an award-winning, Polish baking family, Lead by the head of the family. Back in Warsaw he created his unique sourdough, which he still keeps a closely guarded secret, and which forms the basis of his wonderful baking.
We really care about our products, and our customers notice that. That is why we have grown from our modest beginnings to become the largest baker of Genuine Polish bread and pastries in Britain.
In 2004 the bakery was invited by the vice major of London to The London Town Hall to take part in the Bread Street Project: “The British Baking Bloomer” where our bread was presented as an example of the disappearing craft of the baker. The head of the family was delighted that his sourdough had once again worked its magic.
About our Baking  
Our products are hand-made freshly every day, and our unique traditional Polish recipes contain nothing but the finest natural ingredients.
Polish bread is a living thing. It is based on Sourdough, which needs to be kept alive to retain the unique flavour of our bread. This is where the love of real baking comes in. Our master baker will not use sourdough kept alive artificially, he tends his sourdough with great care, watching the temperature and balance of all of the key ingredients as only he can. This means his sourdough has years of history which gives the authentic taste and flavour so unique to our bread.
We bake additive free, and that is why all the varieties of the bread we make are healthy options. Many of them are specially made to help our digestive systems, adding to the base of sourdough with a wide range of seeds and grains.
The head of the family, who is the master baker at the same time, always refuses to comprise, and that is why he still insists that some of our ingredients need to be sourced directly from Poland to make sure that he can bake genuine products of the highest quality for you.
All this gives our products the genuine Polish taste, texture and appearance so which simply can’t be done any other way.
The Inspiration  
The master baker is proud of his heritage, but even more proud of the fact that his inspiration has succeeded in bringing hundreds of years of Polish baking tradition to Britain, and that now a new population is enjoying his passion.  
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Getting The Polish Bakery Products

You can get The Polish Bakery Products in good local; stores, Polish delicatessens and selected supermarkets.
If you have any problems simply e-mail us and we will tell you where your nearest stockist is .