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Bread and Rolls

Baked in the bakery, our hand-finish sourdough bread characterised by its extended proofing process, does not have any preservatives or additives. Our bread is based on a traditional recipe with many authentic Polish ingredients imported directly from Poland to preserve the genuine Polish taste.

Bread at it’s Best

Cakes and Buns

The Polish Bakery offers delicious Polish pastries, such as: cheesecake, apple pie, poppy cake, and many, many others. There are also delicious Polish doughnuts that every year on “Tłusty Czwartek” (Shrove Tuesday), a traditional Polish holiday, when doughnuts are eaten by the Polish people in obscenely large amounts. Due to this tradition the more we eat doughnuts on “Tłusty Czwartek”, the more happiness and prosperity awaits us in the upcoming year.

Cakes for special moments

Birthday Cakes